The US Trainee visa program permits trainees to come to the US to participate in structured training programs with US corporations and organizations in their field of interest or expertise.

H3 Visa

An H3 visa allows foreigners to participate in structured on-the-job training in the US in a field that is not available in their home country.

J1 Visa for Physicians

A J1 visa allows recent medical graduates to participate in further medical education or training at accredited schools and institutions in the US.

Camp Counselors

A J1 visa for Camp Counselors allows post-secondary students and youth workers to work with American youth at summer camps.


A J1 visa permits professors to teach or undertake research with their colleagues for a specified period in the US.

Short-Term Scholars

A J1 visa entitles professors and research scholars to lecture, observe, consult or train at a variety of US institutions.

Summer Work Travel

A J1 visa allows post-secondary students to travel and work during their summer vacation in the US.

J1 Visa for Interns

A J1 visa allows post-secondary students and recent graduates to engage in educational cultural exchange programs and internships in the US.

J1 Visa for Trainees

A J1 visa allows those with a bachelor degree and/or some work experience to participate in a structured, occupation-related training program in the US.

Au Pairs

A J1 visa for Au Pairs allows 18-26 year olds to engage in childcare and development studies while providing childcare for a US host family.

Research Scholars

A J1 visa permits research scholars to teach, lecture or conduct research with their colleagues in the US.


A J1 visa allows international experts to come to the US to consult, demonstrate or observe specialist skills.


A J1 visa offers qualified teachers the opportunity to teach school students in the US for a specified period of time.